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"The Pride of Daniel High School "

The Lion's Pride Marching Band


Striving for Excellence

Over the last 5 years, the Lion's Pride Marching Band has become one of the most exciting things about Friday night football games at Daniel High School. With halftime shows featuring video game music, classical music, and everything in between - the Lion's Pride has become an ensemble students look forward to performing with every year. We're proud to share the marching ensemble has grown from 24 members to over 90 and has been a finalist in the State Finals for the last 5 consecutive years.

In 2017 The Lion's Pride became the first band in Daniel High School history to win the Upperstate Championship AND earn the bronze medal at the 2017 State Marching Band Finals. The marching ensemble at DHS has become one of the premier marching bands in the state of South Carolina!


What is it and where do i find more info?

Marching Band is a competitive organization that combines music with movement and visuals to create a whole other creative medium for the enjoyment of music. This group of committed and motivated musicians works together to perform in front of thousands of people every year. To participate in the marching band, members must audition and meet all participate requirements.

You can get more info about our award winning marching ensemble here.

Concert Bands

The concert bands are at the core of the Daniel program. These classes provide the building blocks for our students to succeed in every facet of our program and in the professional music setting. We are proud that Daniel High School's Concert Ensembles have scores straight 1's (Superior - the highest possible) every year since 2011. 

There are two ensembles based on your skill level.

The Symphonic Band mostly comprises of freshmen and sophomores. This ensemble typically reads grade III and IV music and is where most of our musicians prepare for the next steps in their music education.

The Wind Ensemble is our school's highest level performing ensemble. This class reads IV, V, and grade VI music. 

Students are placed in the appropriate ensemble by audition at the end of each year in April. 

Jazz Ensemble

The Jazz Ensemble holds the special responsibility of studying, performing, and promoting the only truly American genre of music. This ensemble rehearses each morning before school and is an auditioned ensemble.

Audition includes (for winds/guitar/bass/piano)

- All Major Scales (grade appropriate)
- Jazz Etude
- Sight-reading

The Jazz Ensemble performs regularly in the spring semester for all kinds of spring festivals, music festivals, community fundraisers and events. 

Percussion Ensemble

The percussion ensemble has become an important part of our program over the last several years. Routinely asked to come perform during community events, the percussion ensemble has performed for fundraisers and opening ceremonies in addition to our own concert events. In 2016, the percussion ensemble had a video go viral of their award day performance with close to 400k view!

The percussion ensemble meets as a separate class that focuses on the needs of the percussionist as a well rounded musician. 

Color Guard

Fall Color Guard

The color guard at Daniel High School is an integral part of our band program. This ensemble offers a visual element to our marching show, mixing elements of equipment and dance to create a stunning interpretation of our music.

Winter Guard

Winter guard is a competitive activity that allows our guard members to continue their art year-round. As they learn higher level choreography, students in this ensemble continue to master their equipment skills while focusing more on dance and movement.