How to beat the heat during band camp

Band camp is around the corner! Especially since it has been so hot the last few weeks we wanted to put together some information to make the transition into the first days of camp MUCH easier! If you have any questions about any of this feel free to email Mr. Whitworth here.

The reality is that the sun is hot - but it can be managed easily if you're prepared!

Don't feel miserable at rehearsal. Here is what you should know to be prepared! All these tips will really help you feeling great and performing better during physical activity outdoors in the summer. 

  1. Acclimate yourself to the weather starting TODAY. Spend a little time each morning and late afternoon outdoors. Do some yard work (it'll make your parents happy!), get a tan, play ball, read, get your AP psych summer homework done. Better yet, practice your instrument and your routine!

  2. Begin cutting sugary drinks from your diet and begin drinking more water. This one is huge, and very important. Cutting sugary drinks from your diet and drinking more water will not only help you live a healthier lifestyle, but it will help acclimate your body to the condition needed for exercise in the hot summer months. 

    On that note, it is required to have a 1/2 gallon wattle bottle each day at rehearsal (starting at band camp). If you arrive to rehearsal without the 1/2 gallon water bottle you will not be allowed to participate. If you're looking for one -  I recommend picking this one up at Wal-Mart. You can get it for under $5 and I've used it for the last several years myself. It's not the best, but it gets the job done. :-)

    Many students also pick up and use a CamelBak. They're also awesome and super convenient. If you would rather use one of these than a 1/2 gallon water bottle, that's ok but you must have it at every rehearsal. 

    Doctors recommend young athletes taking in around 5 - 10 ounces of water every 20 minutes of intense physical activity outdoors during summer. Every student having their own water bottle is much more sanitary (cutting down on sickness) and allows students to have enough water available during a full rehearsal block. 

    Staying properly hydrated will not only keep students safe, but it allows for students to also feel better during rehearsal - leading to better focus and progress.

  3. Dress appropriately for outdoor activity. Be sure to wear loose, light colored clothing to every rehearsal. The best is sportswear with special heat performance technology that keeps you cooler. At a minimum be sure to wear cotton to help with the evaporation of sweat.

    What you're wearing will have a big impact on how you feel in the sun - be prepared!

    Also bring an extra pair of CLEAN socks to store in your locker and have on hand. Sometimes if it's wet outdoors your socks will soak and it feels great to put on clean socks if needed.

  4. Have and apply sunscreen before every rehearsal. Not only does it protect your body's largest organ - but it will also keep you from getting that wicked lobster look.

  5. Use a HAT and SUNGLASSES at every rehearsal. Both these tools will help you feel better while out in the sun. 

  6. Try out some other methods of keeping cool too. This summer I picked up this cooling towel. I really liked it for when working outside in the sun - it kept the sun off my neck and helped to regulate my body temperature while outdoors. You can find things like this at any local athletic department store.

Summer is hot, but you can make it feel MUCH better if you're prepared for outdoor rehearsal each day!